HOPE Initiative, Nepal, is a dynamic, all volunteer charitable organization devoted to bringing HOPE through education to the poorest children of Nepal.

Join us and make an impact; help bring about transformation in Nepal.

As a charitable organization run entirely by volunteers, we need your help to succeed. If you are looking to get involved and make a difference, we need motivated, passionate individuals to raise awareness and funds for our work. There are many ways to get involved.

Start a personal fundraising campaign: Set a goal, get people involved and come up with an idea to raise awareness and funds.

We can provide materials to help you promote your idea.

Volunteer at home: Hope needs you to get involved. As a small grassroots organization, a few hours of your time helps us to continue our work.

We need help with:

Volunteer in Nepal: For the more adventurous, consider volunteering in Nepal at Hope House, or one of our centers.

We will help arrange your volunteer stay and make your experience memorable. Depending on your background, there are many different activities you can undertake.

100% of donations go directly to our education projects. How are we able to use 100% of your donations for our education projects?

Our board of directors help pay for our everyday operating costs, and we are run entirely by wonderful volunteers who donate their time to our cause.

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