HOPE Initiative, Nepal, is a dynamic, all volunteer charitable organization devoted to bringing HOPE through education to the poorest children of Nepal.

Give hope. Fund education projects in Nepal and give the gift of life-long learning and a path out of poverty. 100% goes directly to fund our projects

Make a one-time donation

You donate with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer using the simple and secure PayPal system.

Invest in a child

Community Education Center

Sponsor a child and invest in their future. With your monthly donation, we can identify new children for education scholarships or to bring into Hope House. Your decision to sponsor takes another child off the streets and into a loving environment. Help us open up that world to those devastated by violence and tragedy.

You donate with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer using the simple and secure PayPal system.

Choose your desired method to support an orphan:

We encourage our sponsors to connect with their child. HOPE House is internet connected and we use Skype and Yahoo video chatting to bring you together with your child half a world away. Bring hope back into a child’s life. You will receive a welcome package introducing your child upon setting up your monthly giving.

Another option

Or send a check or money order made payable to HOPE Initiative to: HOPE Initiative, 1824 Marquette Blvd, South Bend, IN 46628

Please include contact information including mail and e-mail address if applicable, so we can send a letter of acknowledgement and tax receipt along with our gratitude and keep you informed of HOPE's activities in the future.


Hope Privacy Policy
HOPE Initiative respects the privacy, confidentiality and financial security of our donors. Our donor privacy policy represents our commitment to honor our donor's rights. We at HOPE Initiative are profoundly grateful for your support of our organization and take the security of your personal and financial information most seriously. Confidential financial information including credit card information is protected by electronic and procedural safeguards to keep secure and confidential all donor information. HOPE Initiative treats your personal information with the same high standards we apply to securing your financial information. HOPE will never share, sell, rent or distribute your personal information to any third parties for any purpose.

Because we work at the grassroots level, our costs are low and our in-country overhead minimal.

This is how little it costs to make an impact.


nurtures a Hope House orphan for a month


connects rural villagers to the internet for six months


provides school supplies and teaching aids enriching a rural classroom


is all it takes to keep a child in school for a year


purchases a new computer for our technology center


keeps the doors of Hope House open for our orphans for a month


opens and operates a new computer center for half a year bringing opportunity to over 200 people


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