HOPE Initiative, Nepal, is a dynamic, all volunteer charitable organization devoted to bringing HOPE through education to the poorest children of Nepal.

Education is a catalyst: it means changing a life, a family, a community.

Everyone knows that education is the key to success. This is especially true in nations like Nepal, where entry into good jobs is rigidly controlled and dependent on standardized test results.

Ann-Marie Conrado, co-founder, launched HOPE Initiative after teaching in a rural school in Nepal.  Ann-Marie observed first hand how little children actually learn. In Nepal, children learn almost entirely by rote; they memorize set questions and practice writing the answers over and over. Creativity is discouraged in even the youngest children.

 For example, asked to draw a house, children may be punished for drawing a home with only one window, not two. At higher levels, youth study how computers work without having ever having seen one. They memorize scientific theories with no comprehension. Village youth gain no practical skills in which to create a path out of poverty.

Many organizations build schools, but few focus on what’s inside. Hope Initiative is working to provide education interventions that lift people out of poverty. We not only open the doors to education, but we nurture entrepreneurial thinking, self-discovery and a life-long love of learning. We focus on three goals:

HOPE has four primary initiatives to promote life-long learning.

  1. Education for All Initiative: Youth scholarships so every child can learn
  2. HOPE House: A nurturing home for orphaned children
  3. Design for Fair Trade Initiative: Techniques for self-sustaining, profitable trade
  4. Rural Technology Initiative: Improving livelihoods and expanding minds through computer literacy and the internet

100% of donations go directly to our education projects. How are we able to use 100% of your donations for our education projects?

Our board of directors help pay for our everyday operating costs, and we are run entirely by wonderful volunteers who donate their time to our cause.

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